Putting your life back in your hands - 

one tiny, loving step at a time.

(Trust me – it’s not rocket science!)



Hey there, beautiful! I’m Jen. I work with women just like you, who know in their hearts that they’re not really living life to the fullest.

The only problem is, poor body image and low self-esteem makes them want to hide rather than stepping into the spotlight. These women go to bed at night knowing there’s something more out there – they just don’t know where to find it, or that they’re even worthy of it.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! Together, we’ll develop a sense of “I belong here, too – and I deserve to be happy, dammit!” by dramatically improving your self-worth and self-esteem, so that you can finally step out and show the world what you’ve got – and make your dreams come true!


Let’s build you a life where you’re the star.

A life where you’re in charge.

The sort of life you see everybody else living…while you wonder what makes you so different.

 And the best part is? None of this has to be difficult! Stop telling yourself that it is!


You can and should have everything you want and more.

Let’s find the way together.

Because you deserve better.

Read my story and you’ll find out what makes me so passionate about showing you how beautiful and powerful you are, no matter how low your self-esteem or body image is (hint: I feel your pain).

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And don’t forget to visit my blog, where you’ll pick up tips and solutions for injecting a little self-lovin’ into your everyday life. Because really, beautiful – it doesn’t have to be as hard as everyone tells you it is. 


I’m so glad you’re here. Now let’s start shining that light of yours!